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Nat Genius

Inspired by nature, where cycles are closed and elements are reused at the end of their useful life, Nat.Genius was launched in 2014 and since then has sought to generate positive impacts for the environment and value for both Embraco and its stakeholders. Through reverse logistics work, the program recycles various electro-electronic products discarded at the end of their useful life.
With Nat.Genius, end-of-life electro-electronic waste and equipment parts go through processes that add value to these materials, which become high-quality raw materials for new products or partners.
Nat.Genius evolved significantly and is no longer just a project but has become a global business area – operating beyond Brazil, providing consultancy services also in Europe and North America. In the same period, besides compressors and the white line, we began recycling products from the green line, brown line and blue line, as well as offering waste management services.
To know more, click here and access the Nat.Genius site.