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    Cultivating Passion

Our Values

At EMBRACO, our global success happens because of our employees. Through its hiring and training processes, Embraco seeks to ensure that respect for cultural diversity and different opinions are a routine practice. Opportunities for career advancement are a reality to all employees.

Our Professionals

In pursuit of valuing each person’s talents, EMBRACO offers remuneration and a wide range of benefits that are adjusted to reflect local market practices and the culture of each country in which EMBRACO employs its professionals.

Managing people, for us, means offering them the opportunity to develop their competencies, so that they can commit towards our mission and practice our values. Above all, we want our employees to be satisfied as individuals and as professionals.

Our Values


We perform our best work when we trust each other as individuals, encourage diversity in our workplace, value the skills and contributions of each one and recognize that the job is only a part of a full and rewarding life.


We conduct all aspects of our business honorably, recognizing that there is no correct way to do something wrong.

Diversity with Inclusion

The ample diversity of our employees and their ideas are the foundation for the Company’s success. Differences create value.


Pride results in working together as a team to unlock the potential of each one. By working together, we achieve exceptional results.

Spirit of Victory

This begins with the personal commitment that means that simply being better than in the previous year is not enough. One must set and achieve long-term goals for an extraordinary performance and be proud of the results.

Within EMBRACO’S principles for people management, is the concern for keeping a healthy and safe working environment for its professionals. Such pursuit requires actions geared for training and education in health and safety, and the implementation of a program of safe behavior.