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Young Talents
Entrepreneurship, teamwork, energy and flexibility, these are the skills that Embraco seeks in young talent, which, in the very near future, will be the leaders of our organization. We believe that to provide the opportunity for growth is a two-way street: young people bring their talents and potential and we offer the development programs that propel their careers.

If you have the strength to face up to this challenge, come see our trainee programs, internships and professional exchanges. They are the gateway for young talent in our organization.

Internship Program (Brazil, Slovakia and China): to have the opportunity to put into practice what you learn is excellent, but exercising this theory in a global company is the key to a successful career. Learn more

Trainee Program (Brazil, Slovakia and China): If you are seeking professional and technical development support combined with a strategic project, with the possibility of international experience, Learn more

Professional Exchange Program (Brazil, Slovakia, China, Italy, USA and Mexico): Spend a year abroad, learning everything about a particular area, return to your country, apply the knowledge acquired and get paid for it. Are you interested? Learn more