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    2017 - Communication on Progress

In Focus
Embraco among national champions of European Business Award

Embraco Slovakia has drawn attention on a European level, becoming one of the national champions of the 2016/2017 European Business Award. The producer of hermetic compressors for refrigeration is the only representative of Slovak machine engineering sector among this year´s shortlisted companies. This is remarkable, as the country in central Europe is the world´s leading producer of automobiles per capita.

The global company Embraco ranks among the world leaders in household and commercial refrigeration. Among the innovative products with novelty features, designed in the Embraco Slovakia innovation hub in recent years, is the latest generation of household compressor EME and the light commercial compressor NEU. Both are able to operate with ecological, hydrocarbon refrigerants propane and isobutane.

NEU stands out for its robustness, which ensures the performance in harsh working conditions along with energy efficiency. NEU is 20% more efficient than competitors with the same cooling capacity. It can reduce energy consumption by up to 16 % and increase the cooling capacity by 10%.

The EME is a new trendsetter in household refrigeration among widely used on-off compressors. The product aims at helping customers comply with strict, environmentally-minded legislation enacted by the European Parliament. The EME demands 5 % less energy than its predecessors in the globally-used EM platform.

This success is no coincidence; Embraco currently has 47 research and development laboratories in four continents, about 600 people engaged in research & development activities. Worldwide, Embraco group now owns about 1700 granted patents.

Embraco has also got a positive record worldwide as the company striving for sustainability and developing its presence in the community with timely and well-tailored social responsibility activities.

About competition


The European Business Awards is Europe’s largest business competition set up to recognize and celebrate business excellence. This year, the Awards engaged with over 33,000 businesses. Of these, exactly 636 from 34 countries have been named National Champions by judges.

 The next round requires the National Champions to make a presentation video, telling their unique story and explaining their business success. The Awards’ independent judges will award the best of this group the ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ status and the selected companies will then go on to the Gala Final in 2017.

Separately, in a two stage public vote, the videos will be hosted on the European Business Awards website, and the company that receives the most votes in their country will become the ‘National Public Champion’. Last year over 227,000 votes were cast as companies were supported globally by their clients, staff and peers, as well as the general public.

Of all the companies´s entries for the award from over 30 European countries, the vote will take place for the winner of the top European Business Award prize.