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    2017 - Communication on Progress

Embraco saves 48 million liters of water

Embraco saves 48 million liters of water

In 2017, the company reduced consumption of this resource by 7.34% compared to the previous year, which is in line with the company's sustainability strategy

Last year Embraco was able to reduce drinking water consumption by 7.34% in the eight plants spread around the world, a goal pursued year after year that reveals this resource’s sustainable management carried out by the company with the aim of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG, which is a UN agenda adopted by 193 countries, seek to promote the prosperity and well-being of humanity by addressing climate change and protecting the environment.

For each compressor produced, 18 liters were used, two less than in 2016, which means that the processes are more efficient. In practice, the company stopped using 48 million liters of water in its production process; enough for the annual consumption of 1,200 people, taking into account the average established by the UN that 110 liters per day are enough to meet basic needs.

Additionally, the company has treatment plants which permit water reuse. Globally, if all the water consumed by Embraco, including drinking and non-drinking, is considered, 27% is reused. In Brazil, for example, after being utilized in the operation and treated, the water is reused in flushing toilets, cooling tower, irrigating gardens or washing sidewalks. The compressor unit, in Joinville (SC), even has a rainwater harvesting system, with an area of approximately 900 m².

About Embraco

Embraco is a multinational focused on innovative solutions for refrigeration. With global operations and annual production capacity of 40 million hermetic compressors, the company holds over 1,700 patents in force and offers solutions that are differentiated for their innovation and low energy consumption. Embraco directly employs 11,000 employees worldwide, counting on 11 business units located in Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, Slovakia, USA and Russia, and is present in more than 80 countries. To learn more about Embraco visit

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