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    2017 - Communication on Progress

Embraco showcases innovation in efficiency at ACREX


High-performance and affordable solutions will be presented by one of the largest global cooling specialists

Embraco presents innovative solutions for commercial, household and aftermarket segments, especially for merchandisers and food services, at ACREX 2018 (Feb. 22-24), in its own booth, at Biec, Bengaluru.

One of many is the FMFT Bivolt, an intelligent and fast-cooling solution for light commercial applications. It’s able to operate at different speeds and helps reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent, when compared to fixed speed technology models. The solution uses the natural refrigerant R290, which is the most environment-friendly fluid in the market. Together with the bivolt compressor, Embraco is increasing its R290 portfolio in India with EM2X3135U and EMX3134U to a total of 72 models.

Embraco also showcases the FFUS solution, the best selling compressor in the company’s portfolio with globally recognized quality.

Embraco can be found at booth B-31 in the show’s Hall 4.

About Embraco

Embraco is a global company whose mission is to promote quality of life through innovative cooling solutions. With 11 business units and about 1,700 patents granted worldwide, the company operates in more than 80 countries with products and services for the commercial, household as well as aftermarket and distribution segments.

FMFT413U: Embraco presents an intelligent and fast-cooling solution for light commercial applications, such as medium and low temperature reach-ins, as well as self-contained refrigerated islands. This solution improves the temperature control, has much lower noise and vibration compared to the current solutions, and is one of the most efficient compressors available for users in its capacity range. It also works with R-290 (natural refrigerant), making it a great low GWP solution. The FMFT Bivoltage compressor employs Variable Speed Technology, which enables the refrigerator to reach the target (set point) temperature much faster. A traditional single-speed compressor always operates at maximum speed, which can waste energy if only a low-cooling capacity is needed most of the time. The FMFT is able to operate at a broader range of speeds, allowing it to reach target temperatures more efficiently. This can help reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent, compared to the traditional solutions available in the market.

EMC3125U: the EMC Compressor, as part of our EM family of compressors, is one of the world’s most efficient single-speed compressors and uses natural refrigerant R290, which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP). The EMC Compressor is designed for beverage coolers, vending machines, under-counters and reach-ins. It features a smaller platform, with an extended cooling capacity that can replace larger compressors, releasing more internal space for refrigerators.

FMX: Latest generation of compressors with Fullmotion Inverter technology (variable speed) for wine coolers with an extremely high built-in energy efficiency. Provides better food preservation, low noise and wide voltage range. Furthermore, it’s a compact product, which brings advantages when developing applications with limited internal space. It’ designed to use natural refrigerant R600a (isobutane).

FFUS: Latest generation of compressors Embraco "F" family, this model is the best seller of portfolio with recognitions of all regions because of quality and due to is 22% more efficient comparing to competitors. It works in severe conditions due to the possibility of using start capacitor, with less noise and vibration.

NJX: Extension of NJ family in a compact design, NJX is the right solution for all commercial refrigeration applications up to 1770 WLBP (refrigerated islands, milk coolers, coolers, glass door Merchandiser, upright cabinets, reach-ins, ice cream makers and cabinets, walk-in coolers). Its new 38 cc displacement (equivalent to 50cc on the market) can stretch the cooling capacity up to 2HP for LBP, with an improvement up to 30% in comparison to the current NJ Embraco solutions on the market. NJX stands out for its robustness, high reliability and and improved performances. Available with natural refrigerant R290, it is an intelligent solution for the upcoming EU F-gas ban regulation, ensuring high eco-sustainability and zero effect on the ozone layer. NJX is lighter (15kg less in comparison to the current 2 cylinder solution on the market (R404A) and has lower noise emission.

PLUG N' COOL: It’s a complete solution for the food retail chain and designed as a drop-in solution for reach-in refrigerators. Embraco achieved a simplified installation process with the Plug N' Cool modular concept. Its innovative design improves the experience for customers and OEMs, food retail chains and even consumers, by increasing the flexibility of the store’s architecture. The hallmark of this particular cooling solution is that it provides a “plug and play” refrigeration option that simplifies the installation process, and eliminates the need for a machine room. The Plug N’ Cool uses R290 (natural refrigerant) and also deliveries significant positive effects on the environment, while contributing to a reduction in energy usage - a win-win scenario for all the refrigeration chain.



For more than 20 years, Embraco has used natural refrigerants in its compressor portfolio for commercial and household use as an alternative to reduce the negative effects on the ozone layer, greenhouse effects and to improve the equipment’s efficiency index. The company believes that using natural refrigerants – especially hydrocarbons – is the ideal solution for the future of refrigeration by sustainably aligning economic and environmental needs.

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