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Embraco showcases innovation in efficiency for commercial and aftermarket at AHR Expo 2018

Embraco showcases innovation in efficiency for commercial and aftermarket at AHR Expo 2018
High-performance and energy-efficient solutions will be presented at world’s largest HVACR event

Embraco, one of the largest global cooling specialists, presents innovative solutions for aftermarket and commercial segments, specially for food services and retail industries at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago, Illinois.

Embraco has the opportunity to promote what sets their solutions apart and provide expert knowledge at AHR Expo 2018. Attendees are able to see a live demonstration that allows them to interact with the new FMFT Bivoltage Compressor and observe how the compressor works when voltage changes.

As a multinational in the refrigeration segment, Embraco invests annually in its technology DNA to propose new solutions to customers. Daniel Campos, Director of Sales for the commercialsegment at Embraco, reinforces: “We are constantly investing in research and development, with 3% to 4% of net revenue going towards creating the most innovative cooling technologies that contribute to people’s quality of life. AHR Expo 2018 is an opportunity for the company to exhibit our global experience and expertise with solutions that feature natural refrigerants and how we are changing the industry to provide sustainable and energy efficient products.”

Embraco can be found at booth #2524 in the show’s North Hall, where the booth experience will be organized into islands featuring products and applications that fit a number of different market segments.

Food Retail:
Embraco presents a product display specifically for the food retail market. One of the solutions is the Plug N' Cool, a complete cooling solution, available for cold rooms, reach-in freezers and refrigerators in the grocery and convenience stores and commercial kitchens. It features a modular, drop-in concept that simplifies the installation process and offers flexibility to the store layout. This refrigeration system is a self-contained design that eliminates the need for a machine room, enabling better space utilization for food retailers. Using R-290, this product is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy regulations, as well as compliant with the EPA GreenChill program.

Embraco showcases the FMFT Bivoltage compressor (FMFT413U), one of the most efficient compressors available today for the light commercial segment. Its variable speed technology improves the temperature control, and has much lower noise and vibration compared to the current solutions. A fast-cooling and energy efficient solution, this product is ideal for ultra-low temperature refrigerators, reach-in coolers and freezers, wine coolers, vending machines, ice
cream machines and medical applications.

In the United States, Embraco has a specialized staff composed by technical and customer service professionals that supports the market with an expanded array of product lines combined with valuable and convenient service. To effectively compete in the aftermarket segment, the company counts on a main distribution center, located in Atlanta (GA), combined with quality service and relationships with master distributors, wholesalers, contractors and technicians. Through this structure, the company seeks to properly solve customers’ existing and unmapped needs.

Residential & Undercounter:
Embraco offers a variety of cooling solutions when it comes to its residential and undercounter customers by providing reliability, durability and efficiency. The new models VESF11C and FMXA6C are ideal for reach-in coolers and freezers and provide temperature stability. The company also uses natural refrigerants for this solutions that are sustainable for the environment.

Food Services & Merchandise:
Embraco’s new models SFMFT406U, NJX9260GS, and EMC3134U provide reliability in the food service and merchandiser industry. These new products are extremely energy efficient and include better temperature stability in the refrigerators, and also can be applied in bottle coolers, prep tables, and reach-ins and freezers.