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People Management

A Team of Talents
Embraco employees are essential to the company. Embraco has a team of talents marked by diversity and this characteristic is considered one of the main competitive differentials. Following the people strategy, the company provides the tools necessary so that talents have an excellent work experience and reach extraordinary results. To achieve this goal, Embraco’s work is based on three pillars:

Extraordinary Performance
A highly effective organization that consistently delivers results above expectations.

Great people
Diverse talents, prepared to be leaders of the future.

Winning Culture
Internally and externally recognized as a great place to work.

Since 2014, Embraco has been working with a Leadership Model that aims to guide employees on the attitudes and behaviors expected by the company. This model is based on the premise that everyone is a leader, whether of a business, a function, a team or himself. Therefore, every employee must be a protagonist of their career and their development within the company.

The Leadership Model adopted by the company is divided into four attributes:

Living and Leading Embraco Values – Values are the basis for what to do daily and support all of the attributes described below.
Create an Engaging and Inspiring Strategy – the best way to create an engaging and inspiring strategy is by having passion for the products and the brand, challenging and playing to win with determination and persistence.
Win over and Cultivate Followers – there is no better way to build and sustain employee engagement than by developing people so that they reach their full potential and are able to break down barriers.
Deliver Differentiated Results – the only way to achieve differentiated results is by leading with speed, ownership, and using frank conversations to deliver feedbacks and assertive messages.