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Get to know the Compressor
The compressor is a refrigeration component employed to increase the pressure of a fluid in gas state – such as air, water vapor, hydrogen – and is EMBRACO’s main product. A key component of refrigeration systems, the compressor is produced with cutting edge technology and under high standards of quality- hallmarks of our products.

Refrigeration System: is a set of components combined to transfer heat from one place to another. Learn how a system works

Cooling Fluid: Responsible for the exchange of heat between the internal and external environments.

Condenser: Transfers the heat of the cooling fluid to the external environment.

Evaporator: Transfers the internal heat to the cooling fluid.

The compressor is the “heart” of a refrigeration system. Its function is to pump a cooling fluid that circulates throughout the entire system; at times the fluid is in a liquid state, at other times, in gas state. Check the simulation of a refrigeration system working.

In the cooling process of a refrigerator, for example, the compressor receives the fluid in gas form from the evaporator, and pumps such gas to the condenser, a device that liquefies the fluid and dissipates heat from the system.

Compressors made by EMBRACO are used in domestic refrigeration, such as your home refrigerator or freezer. They can also be used in commercial applications, such as the refrigerators found in restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments.

Keeping economy and quality in mind, our goal is to develop products with larger capacities and higher efficiencies.