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    Transcending the future

Leading edge Technology
The use of technology has been present in EMBRACO’S daily functions, since it began in 1971. EMBRACO has evolved from its inception to its present state- a company that researches, invests and produces its own technology.

Investments in leading technology have allowed EMBRACO’S products to become, over time, the most efficient ones in the world market. It occurred mainly due to the efforts dedicated to research. But we also believe that apart from increased competitiveness, technology is also very important to reinforce our global sustainability strategy.

To reach technological leadership, one of EMBRACO’S pillars, we invested in partnerships with research university centers, direct contact with specialists and regulatory bodies, development of new businesses and creation of components for optimization of our products.

The partnership between EMBRACO and the Federal University of the Santa Catarina State (Brazil), is a prime example. Since 2006, the joint-venture POLO laboratory in the city of Florianópolis, functions as a center of research specialized in refrigeration.

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