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    Transcending the future

Research & Development

The development of new technologies ensures that products manufactured by EMBRACO remain competitive in the top-performing refrigeration industry.

Patents from all over the globe attest to the international recognition of our Research and Development Center. EMBRACO also has technical cooperation agreements with renowned labs of universities and research centers, forming a global network for the purpose of innovation and continuous improvement of its products.

EMBRACO’S R&D Center also has the support of its own 43 labs, located at its various plants. These labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology for research, measurement and diagnosis, as well as software for simulation and experiments.

EMBRACO not only supplies latest generation hermetic compressors and condensing units, but it also teams up with its clients to develop even more efficient refrigeration systems.


  • EMBRACO currently holds a total of 1.277 patents
  • A team of approximately 500 engineers and technicians work in an integrated manner, seeking to provide solutions to the top manufacturers of domestic and commercial refrigeration products in the world.