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Electronic Controls
Embraco Electronic Controls (EECON) is a business unit of EMBRACO, specialized in developing and manufacturing electronic controls for our products and customer needs. The operations of EECON in Brazil began in 2003, and expanded into China in 2008.

With its natural vocation to develop new technologies and manufacturing processes, EECON has a product line including thermostats, controls for Embraco Fullmotion technology products and controls for conventional high-efficiency compressors.

Seeking to innovate by using electronic technology, we currently support companies who demand reliable electronic solutions and seek suppliers who are concerned with their businesses.

EECON has ISO, QC 080.000 certifications and a production line compliant to RoHS European directive. To learn more, access EECON’s website.

TSD (Time Starting Device)

TSD is an electronic control used to start compressors, with the advantage of eliminating the residual consumption present in conventional starting devices. Due to the advantage in efficiency and the easy assembly, the product has been applied in high efficiency compressors from Embraco in all continents. The line of  high efficiency conventional compressors from Embraco with TSD has several models for domestic refrigeration (fridges and freezers).


EECON develops electronic thermostats for domestic refrigeration, in which the precise control of the compressor, fan and defrosting resistance are necessary. Every refrigeration equipment – as a fridge, freezer, water dispenser – needs a control to set the customer desired temperature. Controls are fully customizable, thus allowing the loads independent control.

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