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    Transcending the future

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    Shaping the global scenario

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    Delivering intelligent performance

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    Cultivating Passion

Digital CalendarEmbraco 2013

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Would you like to know more about the refrigeration history?

Download Embraco's 2013 virtual calendar and discover how Embraco also contributes to this history.

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Portuguese version - Part 01Part 02Part 03

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Slovak version - Part 01Part 02Part 03

Mandarin version - Part 01 / Part 02 Part 03

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Step-by-step on how to download the document:
  • Save the file in your desktop;
  • Unzip it;
  • Click on the image with the right button of your mouse;
  • Select the option “set as background".
Ready! Now you already have Embraco Digital 2013 Calendar.

    Power toChange

    We are a company built with the talent and commitment of a great team for the past 40 years. Leaders in our segment, we excel in the world for the innovation and technology of our products. Throughout our company's history, we have reinvented ourselves several times to go beyond the future and to offer the best to the market.

    As part of this change, we began to build a new brand last year that expresses our identity and the commitment to our customers and society at large. We concluded that global leadership, people, intelligent processes and technology are what set us apart from others. These attributes led to the values of our new brand.

    Values of ournew brand

    .01 Delivering Intelligent Performance
    The first value of the brand - Delivering Intelligent Performance - talks about understanding what is smart from the standpoint of the market. This way, we offer innovative and effective solutions, through agile and sustainable processes.
    .02 Cultivating Passion
    Cultivating passion in people is to have a talented team that is passionate about what it does and has a spirit of victory. Each employee recognizes his role as a leader to serve the market in the best way possible.
    .03 Shaping the Global Scenario
    In our third brand value - Shaping the Global Scenario - we talk about leadership. As we are present on all continents, either with manufacturing plants or products, we are in a privileged position to understand different cultures, and share best practices. We understand our role and the responsibility of the position we occupy.
    .04 Transcending the Future
    Going beyond the future is not only to look to the future, but also to act in the future, to be the future. Our inspiration comes from technology and innovation. We consistently invest in Research and Development, anticipating trends and producing knowledge that goes beyond the boundaries of innovation.