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    2017 - Communication on Progress

In Focus
Embraco launches complete and innovative solutions for commercial refrigeration

In mid-October, Embraco participated in Chillventa International exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. It is the largest fair of its kind in Europe, held every second year. Apart from offering a wide array of technologies, Embraco launched 10 new solutions to the European market, covering a variety of applications in the food retail, food service and merchandising markets.

Around 1,000 visitors from over 60 different countries came to Embraco booth during the event.

Embraco has been positioning itself as a global specialist in its segment while presenting its new business approach – shifting from product to solution-oriented. “Over the years, Embraco has begun to look at innovation from the outside-in perspective, by understanding the challenges and needs of its customers and then developing technologies. As a result, the company is focused on providing a complete platform that combines compressors, services and high quality and performance solutions”, reinforces Luis Felipe Dau, Embraco’s president.

The multinational company, represented also by its business unit near Moscow, showcases in Europe the portfolio for Commercial and Aftermarket & Distribution segments through four different zones:

(1) Food retail: solutions for supermarket and convenience stores applications, such as self-contained reach-ins, frozen islands, cold rooms and others.

(2) Food services: applications for restaurants and bars, bakeries and equipment for professional kitchens, ice makers and cold rooms.

(3) Merchandisers: solutions for sought-after bottle coolers and ice cream cabinets.

(4) Complete portfolio: New product launches including the portfolio extension, such as NJX (new 2hp single piston compressor), Scroll, as well as complete solutions in natural refrigerants and transitory alternatives.

Pioneering in natural refrigerants

For more than 20 years, the company has used natural refrigerants in its portfolio for commercial and household as an alternative to reduce the negative effects on the ozone layer, greenhouse effects and to improve the equipment’s energy efficiency. The company believes that using natural refrigerants – especially hydrocarbons – is the ideal solution for the future of refrigeration by sustainably aligning economic and environmental needs.